Joey is a scrappy design leader armed with years of wisdom and experience.
Starting off as the ‘designer's designer,’ I solved both technical and creative limitations at FinTech, Pharma, AdTech, Universities, and Start-ups. This led to leadership roles where I simplified complicated processes with my ‘can-do’ attitude.
Most recently, I led BNY Mellon's Innovation Lab as their VP / Experience Design for the customers experience, client-engagement, AI personalization, data visualization, research, and team building.
I led the Center of Innovation CFX to redesign KPMG's Global Audit experience. I was the trusted design leader to 23 multi-disciplined, multi-national designers across several product and growth initiatives, while building a world-class digital audit product.
Earlier roles at Ghostery, DoubleVerify, and the Weather Channel taught me the responsibilities needed from running a team to building a company. Other experiences may be found here.
My career has been a wonderful ride of "Aha!" and "Uh-oh!" moments.
I value diverse perspectives and foster collaboration. Hence, my teams achieve exceptional customer experiences due to my hands-on, user-centered approach, mentoring, and keen eye for aesthetics. Together, we translate complex ideas into seamless digital experiences. I'm a big believer that teamwork makes the dreamwork.
As a forever student, I seek wisdom from my elders and knowledge from the up-and-coming generation. From high-schools to senior designers, I help build their courage and confidence in our shifting world. I've been an Adjunct Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology since 2013. And I've mentored with ADPList's community since 2019. I help the community find their needle in the proverbial haystack.